In 2011 Daghdha ceased its operation.

Gemma Carcaterra

The archived website of Daghdha is dedicated to the memory of Gemma Carcaterra, who served as Daghdha's general manager from 2007 until its closure 2011. She was a key contributor to a unique artistic community that grew on the west coast of Ireland. Gemma died far too early on February 11th 2016. We will protect the void of relations her absence has created and ensure an empty chair at the table of our dispersed community. We will continue to celebrate her: for protecting us through various storms and contributing to our sanity throughout the years. Her smile. Her loyalty. Her social grace. She so obviously needed to live. Her death shatters the fabrics of reason. Our thoughts remain with her family, husband and her three children.

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Its magnificent dance-spaces in Limerick are now referred to as Dance Limerick and their programme can be followed on:

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